A Little Project

We received a little whatnot shelf from my husband’s family along with a bunch of pictures. We could identify some of the pictures by notes on back, but some not so much. Families are always such a mystery especially after many of the older folks are gone and the younger ones never bothered to ask. This little shelf was from my husband’s grandmother Nanny Bordeaux who was so incredibly intimidating no one had much information about her. Her husband was photographer and we actually have photo of the shelf hanging in her living room.

Small Whatknot shelf

I like this little shelf because of the detail. It was painted this funky green color and I added some gold detail, but it just wasn’t right.

The color was a little weird and I wanted to use it for little perfumes and smalls in my bath. I knew I wanted the back to be a neutral color to show off the bottles. I even considered mirroring the back wall, but in the end just painted it. I really like the sort of renaissance gold that I found at Michael’s Crafts. It’s an acrylic paint with sort of translucent coverage. The back of the shelves are Benjamin Moore- Revere Pewter in pearlescent. I purchased this paint for my bath and have used the color in our living/dining as well though in eggshell not pearlescent. Different sheens work for different things.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

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