Ironing Sheets

When I was in my first year of college, I lived with my grandmother. I loved my grandmother, but she tended to have a rather rigid schedule for housekeeping. Tuesday was the day to do laundry. This meant I had to change my bed sheet- top to bottom and a freshly ironed sheet went on top along with a freshly ironed pillow cases. I don’t know why but either I guess she didn’t like fitted sheets or didn’t know they existed. Now of course, I don’t think you could find a flat sheet big enough to be used as a bottom sheet. In any case, I always ground my teeth at the idea that I had to iron sheets and pillow cases. I knew how to iron just about anything as it was one of my chores growing up, but the idea of ironing something that was just going to wrinkled up seemed ridiculous to me. Little did I know later in life I would adopt an attitude that a bottle of spray starch and a good steam iron can cover a multitude of sins.

I actually enjoy ironing. It is a great form of instant gratification if I am not too tired to enjoy it. Of course, if I have to come home and iron something after work, it seems like a punishment.

I iron table cloths, sheets, pillow cases, curtains, shirts not all at once and only if needed. I like crisp table cloths. They just seem much nicer and showing that you care about your table. I iron sheets but not the whole thing and only top sheets. I fold them in half so I can iron the top hem which usually gets accordion folds in it after going through the laundry. I use spray starch and do the top half of the sheet. I also do the pillow cases. I’m not big on the rumpled look.

I can tell you for certain that after I make the bed with the freshly ironed sheets and pillow cases, it is an absolute treat to flip on my small portable air conditioner and crawl under smooth fresh sheets. It feels like I am in a grand hotel and I sleep like a baby

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